Pet Waste Services, is the #1 choice for professional pooper scooper service in Blair County.

Yay, the yard is clean! We know everyone enjoys spending time with their pets, after all  they are a part of our families. Even so, nobody enjoys cleaning up  the mess they leave behind.

 In fact, most people are just way too busy to do it!

 We offer a low cost solution for people who are unable (or just  don’t want) to clean up after their dogs. Our reliable pooper scooper  service will relieve you of the dreaded chore. 


For as little as $10.00 each week, we will visit to clean-up and remove all of the dog poop from your yard or specified areas. You can choose to have services weekly, twice weekly, or more frequent if necessary.

It’s NO secret, dog poop stinks! Dog waste is full of harmful bactaria making your yard an unsanitary play area for your children and pets.


CALL US: (814) 309-9285


Emergency? No problem, we can schedule a visit to come service your yard right away!

What about one time clean up calls?

We also offer a one time clean up service to get rid of accumulated pet waste. Our rate for one time clean up starts at $50 for 1 dog, then $25 for each additional dog in your household.

We are fully licensed and insured.

We accept payment through Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express. Alternatively payments can be returned with invoice along with a check or money order to our physical address.

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